Big Dawg

Big Dawg

2 German Shepherds Sheeba and Zoey


Warm and Affectionate 2 German Shepherds – Zoey the german shepherd is a cuddler of the highest order. Her affection knows no bounds, and in her eyes, there’s no such thing as personal space  Devoted Pack Member Like all German…

Games to Play with Your German Shepherd


With their dog, everyone enjoys a good game of fetch. It’s ideal for getting active and having a good time. The game’s drawback is that there isn’t any thinking involved; instead, there is a lot of back and forth running.…

Top 5 Military Dogs


Military dogs have played a vital role in the history of warfare for centuries. They have been trained to perform various tasks such as sniffing out explosives, tracking enemies, and detecting mines. Military dogs are known for their loyalty, courage,…

The History of German Shepherds

dog fetching

When compared to many of the other dog breeds that are currently available, the GSD history is still relatively new. German cavalry officer Captain Max von Stephanitz created the German Shepherd Dog breed in 1899, solely based on his idea…

10 Rare German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherds

1) The first German Shepherd was Born 1889 When you think about german shepherds these days it is super common. But did you know that the first german shepherd was born in 1889? That’s right a breeder popular for breeding…