2 German Shepherds Sheeba and Zoey

Warm and Affectionate

2 German Shepherds – Zoey the german shepherd is a cuddler of the highest order. Her affection knows no bounds, and in her eyes, there’s no such thing as personal space

 Devoted Pack Member

Like all German Shepherds, comparatively Zoey thrives amidst her pack. Her loyalty to her human family is unwavering, and her special bond with Sheeba exemplifies the breed’s social nature.

Valiant Explorer

German Shepherds were bred to be working dogs, and the spirit of adventure runs deep in little Zoey. Whether she’s rummaging through a new toy or splashing in a muddy puddle, curiosity and a taste for adventure define who Zoey is.

Legacy of Love and Devotion

2 German Shepherds have long held a special place in the hearts and homes of dog lovers worldwide. From their humble beginnings shepherding flocks in Germany to global popularity and recognition as quintessential family dogs, German Shepherds have truly earned their place atop the canine kingdom.

Above all Sheeba and Zoey epitomize the transformation of a working breed into an invaluable companion. Through their unwavering love, selfless devotion, and indomitable spirit, Sheeba and Zoey honor the very first 2 German Shepherds and pave the way for generations to come. With every playtime that filled our lives with laughter and every embrace that warmed our heart, they redefined what it means to share your home and life with a 4-legged friend.

All in all for your unconditional love and undying devotion, as fierce protectors, empathetic friends, and happy-go-lucky companions, Shepherd’s Pie, Team Sheeba, and Team Zoey dedicate this story to you. Here’s to Sheeba, Zoey, and 2 German Shepherds everywhere!

Also In honor of Sheeba and Zoey, my beautiful German Shepherd girls, let’s celebrate this incredible breed for all of the joy and enrichment they bring into our lives. Share your own German Shepherd stories in the comments, and be sure to include your favorite images of your beloved companions on National German Shepherd Dog Day.


Shepherds Pie

*Shepherd’s Pie is many things. It’s a cozy, piping hot dish of ground lamb and vegetables under a velvety blanket of mashed potatoes. Also an enduring tradition. Every year on my husband’s birthday, I whip up a steaming batch of Shepherd’s Pie. Served with a shot of aged Irish whiskey. It’s an ode to the time-honored, richly flavored cuisine of the British Isles. These are meanings I’ve been quite content to live with, that is, until I met Sheeba, our first German Shepherd. In a house as full of life and love as ours, Sheeba is the heartbeat at its center. Six years ago, our second Shepherd, the irascibly lovable Zoey, joined the pack. In celebration of these two, Shepherd’s Pie has also become so, so much more. This is Sheeba and Zoey, the very heart and soul of our home.*