Games to Play with Your German Shepherd

With their dog, everyone enjoys a good game of fetch. It’s ideal for getting active and having a good time. The game’s drawback is that there isn’t any thinking involved; instead, there is a lot of back and forth running. Dogs don’t have to put much thought into the vast majority of games they play, including tug of war and fetch.

Interactive brain activities, on the other hand, not only exhaust your active dog but also help you both to work as a team to overcome boredom, boost your dog’s confidence, and combat boredom. There are so many wonderful things you can do with your dog, including canine adaptations of well-known children’s games that all train and exercise the brain.

Treasure Hunter

It’s a terrific way to exercise your dog’s brain and teach it to utilize all of its senses to uncover hidden treasure if you train it to use its nose. To help your dog comprehend the game and avoid being too disappointed, you should start out by positioning it for success. Start with a straightforward task. As you place your dog in a sit-stay position, hide a treat or favorite toy in a visible location while letting the dog see you do it. In order for your dog to find the toy, give him the release cue. If your dog successfully locates the buried treasure, lavishly reward it.

As soon as your dog grasps the game, make it more challenging. Place the treat or toy in a different room or somewhere else where other smells will cover it up, like the bottom of the laundry bin or under the food dish. By using cardboard boxes, you may also make the game more challenging. Without your dog noticing, arrange 10 to 20 cardboard boxes of various sizes and put the treat in just one of them. Allow your dog to explore each box, and when it chooses the right one, reward it with a treat or a jackpot. This game has so many variations that you and your partner will play different versions of it for years to come.