10 Rare German Shepherd Facts

1) The first German Shepherd was Born 1889

When you think about german shepherds these days it is super common. But did you know that the first german shepherd was born in 1889? That’s right a breeder popular for breeding herding dogs named Max Von Stephanitz.

One day he was walking along in the forest and saw an interesting looking wolf like dog sporting it’s now well known
Black, Gray, and Tan colors. He then began to breed a working dog from this breed that we now know as the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd

2) There was a Sport Made Just for German Shepherds

That’s right there was a sport made specifically for German Shepherds. This sport is called Schutzhund and was designed to determine if the dog was untrainable or demonstrated unstable behavior. Even though this sport started with German Shepherds there are now other breeds that compete in this sport. However, this sport is so demanding there aren’t many breeds that could take part. While taking part in the sport the dogs are tested vigorously in the following areas strength, trainability, intelligence, stability, desire to work, bond with handler, their smell and protectiveness. Sounds like quite the workout to me.

3) German Shepherds are the #1 Dog Breed in the US

German Shepherds are set to be the #1 dog breed in the US. Followed by the Labrador Retriever and French Bulldog.

Over the years German Shepherds have become more and more popular. Over the years people began to fall in love with this breed even more. They are good working dogs, loyal, playful, protective, and great with children. They’re smart and easier to train than most breeds. They also comprehend well which allows them to retain and respond to a greater than average amount of commands.

4)German Shepherds use Their Noses A lot

One thing you’ll notice about the german shepherd is that they love to explore. And when they explore there is a lot of sniffing. They use they’re noses to pry things open such as doors, trash cans etc. They also can pick up and follow faint odors and scents. Sure you may think all dogs use their noses a lot but spend some time with a german shepherd and you’ll see what we mean.

Snow Dog
German Shepherd

5) German Shepherds Serve in the Military

As early as 1914 German shepherds have been serving in the military. In World War I troops found it odd and entertaining to see dogs on the battlefield but this breed quickly earned it’s respect by performing many task such as carrying ammunition, carrying medical supplies, and assisting wounded or blinded soldiers. Over the years more military forces have enlisted this breed including the US military which now have highly trained working german shepherds and handlers. You should see these beautiful creatures in action when you get a chance.

6) Rin Tin Tin is the Most Famous German Shepherd

Rin Tin Tin is known to be the first rescue dog in history. Not only does he have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame but he appeared and 27 movies between the year 1922 and 1931. Rin Tin Tin also won the first legacy award in 2011 presented by the American humane Association. originally from France Rin Tin Tin was rescued by an American soldier

7) There Are 11 Recognized Colors

And most people associate the colors tan and black with the German Shepherd dog breed. However people don’t know that they even come in white and black varieties. As a matter of fact there are 11 different colors of German Shepherd dogs that are recognized by the American kennel club these are like three color variations already mentioned and liver sable black and cream black and red black and silver / gray and blue. Some of these color variations are extremely common while others are extremely rare

8)2nd Most Intelligent Breed in The World

As we stated earlier the German Shepard is pretty smart. The only dog breed considered by scientist that is more intelligent than german shepherds are poodles. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. Many German shepherd owners are familiar with the head tilt and talking. They’re also able to be trained to perform highly skilled tasks.

9)They Used To Be Called Simply Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds used to be called simply shepherd dogs by the AKC. As of 1978 they returned to the name German Shepherds.

10)German Shepherds Have A Motto

The German Shepherd Motto Is Utility and Intelligence. What a combination am I right. Here at 2 German Shepherds we appreciate these breeds for much more than that though.